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Basic Knowledge

Is a Budgie Right For You?

Male or Female

Basic Knowledge

Also known as parakeets or budgierigars, budgies are one of the most commonly found pet birds. A parakeet's average lifespan is around 10-18 years.
Are They Right For You?

   If you are thinking of buying a parakeet, or just need the info, then this is your place. But yo need to understand that even though they are cute and sweet, Budgies can be a bit of a nuisance:

  • First of all, do you want one or more? Budgies are very socail berds who love companions. If you are at nome for alot of the day, then you can work with a single Budgie. But if you are at work for the most of the day, you need to understand that this can be hard on a single budgie, as they has to stay at home for the time that you are gone, all alone. If that is your life, then you may want to consider buying two budgies so that they can keep each other company.  
  • The next item that you need to consider is that once you buy your friend, he is yours until he passes. That means that while he is alive, you are responsible for his care and you need to give and show affection for it. As it will form a personal bond with you, if you were to give it away, or abandon it so that it was seperated from you forever, the bird would go into a long period of mourning for you, and I have heard of cases where this has lead to the death of such birds because of the stress and emotional overwhelming.
  • Your bird will requre frequent care and a varied diet to help keep it healthy, an investment in time and money that you need to be willing to spend.
  • Parakeets need items to keep them busy, such as toys and mirrors. they also need some time where they can fly free in a room or in the house.
  • Do you have other pets that you new bird could get along with?
  • Many people by parakeets for thier ability to talk. You need to understand that not all budgies are adept at imitating human voices. Some don't care to try and others prefer to whistle or talking in the language of parakeets for their life. Would your intrest in your budgie diminish if you learned that they didn't display a talent for speech?
Male or Female?
When you are trying to sex budgies, please keep in mind that you you will only be able to do so after they are about 6 months old. In both genders, you need to look at the color of the cere, which is located around the nostrils. In a male budgie, the color of the cere will be purple when young, but will change to a dark blue as they mature. Female bugdies will either have a light blue cere, or it may also be white, brown, or tan. please take note that if the cere is pink, then that means that your parakeet is still to young to determine its gender.

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