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Site Overhaul Update.

Posted by Bird Brain on September 12, 2014 at 2:15 PM

Being a college student has its ups and downs. Call, me lazy, smart, or even a procrastinator, I have had to push the site onto the back burner for the past while. I am hoping to pick up where i left off soon!

Since my last update, I have found a place where i can host my site and where I can probably implement user accounts, although they won't have the fancy member pages (well, at least not yet anyways. Im not THAT smart yet.) I have began working with some new codes which will enable me to (hopefully) make the logins more secure and also allow me to prevent spambots and crawlers to create fake accounts for advertizing purposes.

as well, I am also busy updating the medical section on the new site, so it will contain more diagnoses than what I have here. HOWEVER! keep in mind that what i have here, and what I will have on the new site is just a more general diagnosis, and the symptoms can differ between birds. Remember: if you are unsure, take them to a vet! A veterinarian will be able to give tou a much more accurate diagnosis than what we have here.

I am furiously working to make time to finish my site! My goal is to have it up and running within a year! Stay strong everyone, and i wish you all well!.


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