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Tiels n' Gees is getting a fresh look!

Until now, my website (Tiels n' Gees) has not had much for updates because of my school, family, as well as my job. I am now in college and looking to become a web developer; therefore, in the new year, I will be taking a course in web design. 

During this period, the website may undergo multiple changes, as I intend re-create the website from scratch. Also, because my current host, Webs.com, does not support HTML sites any longer, Tiels n' Gees will be looking for a new home! Don't worry though, this site will continue to run for 6 months after the new site is live on the internet!

If you want to see my progress on the new site, head over to our blog and check it out!

I would like to thank the many friends and family who have supported me so far, and will continue to provide their support in the future!

-Bird Brain, Site Owner

p.s.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Our Purpose:

   Here at Tiels n' Gees, the whole point of the site is trying to make sure that every owner of a cockatiel and budgie has a lasting relation with their companion, and to help achieve this goal, we are creating a community where all of our members can gain insight on the proper care, housing, nutrition, and more that our feathered friends may need.

   You don't need an account to get through the rest of the website to view the different topics posted, but it may come in handy if you decide to post questions of your own so that our members can give you the advise that you need to keep your cockatiel, or budgie, flying for a long time to come.

   Want to join our growing community of bird lovers? Create your own account today!

   If you cannot find what you are looking for, please keep in mind that the information will be updated and added with time, as I try to keep in touch with our site as often as possible.

   Need answers on the fly without an account? Go to our blog and post your concern under Health Questions.

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 Our Birds

This is a picture of our luntino cockatiel, Eko. We also recently aquired 2 baby budgies, Blue Jewels and Boe.