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In Loving Memory...

Posted by Bird Brain on February 20, 2012 at 12:25 AM

   2:30pm on Saturday, February 19th, 2012, our budgie, TJ, was put down due to a large lump on his lower back. This little post is a tribute to his memory, and is also in memory to any of your pet birds who have left us as well.

   Originally, we adopted our TJ when he was only a few months old. You could say that we rescued him because we found him without fresh food or water, and he was not in good condition. When we brought him into our house, he did seem to realize just how we saved him and, like all birds do, he gave tahnks to our family for saving him.

   That was all 6 years ago. Just this December, we noticed a large lump that had formed on his lower abdomen, and we took him to the vet for an examination. We were told that he had jaundice, and that his liver was most likely done for. We feared the worst, but our little budgie had the strength to fight it off for another 2 months. whithin the last few days, we could tell that he was losing the fight, sitting in the corner of his cage barely eating, not singing at all, and it was not hard to see the pain he was in. 

   So on Saturday, we had to make a decision; watch him suffer, or put him out of his misery? My mother made the call while I was at work. She tells me that he enjoyed the car ride to the clinic, and that while they waited for the vetrinarian, TJ was kissing her more than he had during his time with us. We believe that he knew that we were trying to make things better, and that we would come and visit when we are ready to join him.

I have always thought of animals almost like they are human beings, and I have always believed that it is okay to cry if your most loved pet dies. Well for my family, our baby, our most loved was our TJ, and we are grieving. We will miss him.

 Rest in Peace. TJ. 2006-February 19, 2012.

Feel free to share your own stories, feelings, and condolences below in the comments.

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